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The Treasure

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People say that the real treasure is freedom. However, that is not the kind of treasure in your mind. You want a real treasure inside a treasure chest. Because of this, you went to an old pirate room to get the treasure. You have your map and you are sure that you can easily find the treasure. However, that map can only bring you to where the pirate house is. That map can't help you to locate the exact place where the treasure is. This made you feel helpless so you we decided to go home instead. However, when you tried to get out, the door won't open. From there, you realized that what they say is true. Freedom is really the real treasure.

You also learned that what's inside the treasure chest is the key that can open the door. If that's the case, then it's better than what's in your mind. This is really a good news for you but the bad news is that you don't know where chest is. Therefore, you have to search for clues that can help you to locate it. Play this exciting room escape game by Mirchigames and use your logic to find The Treasure. Good luck and have fun!


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