The Seraglio Game

The Seraglio

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You're in this stunning place for your search for Gravity Stone. These stones spread when a very strong force causes a huge explosion. Some of these stones went back in time, others in the present and the future. You actually don't know what time you belong. It's like you just popped out of nowhere and then given this mission. You've been working for a while now. And while working, you're also trying to map out the location of the stones. Why they're there and how they got there. It's a little too much to take everything in. So you just work on what's in front of you every time. When you have the leisure time to think about other stuffs, that's when you start studying again. Nobody told you of the importance of these stones, but you just know that you have to find all of them.

This may or may not affect you directly. Yet the results of these searches matter. But you know that you have to go through all of these as no one else would. You look around the beautiful place and it's magical in and out. You can't wait to explore all of it and get your hands on the gravity stone. Play The Seraglio room escape game by Enagames.

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