The Ritual 2 Game

The Ritual 2
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You were on a vacation in an unknown island. This is so cool for you because you always crave for something extraordinary. So even if it's quite dangerous to travel alone, you always take the risk for a new adventure. While you were walking on this island, you saw a tribe and this is your first time to see this kind of people. They don't even smile which made them cooler and appealing for you. You like their mysterious look so you came to them and introduced yourself. They offered you something to drink but moments later, you felt dizzy. You passed out for a while and when you woke up, you found yourself locked in a room. So you peeked at the window then you saw that they were preparing a hot pot and your name was written on it.

It looks like some kind of a ritual and you are the star of the show. However, their ritual looks scary and dangerous. Maybe this adventure has gone too far so you have to escape from The Ritual 2. Do everything and use your logic to escape from the room. There are objects that you can use to open the door. The Ritual 2 is a brand new room escape game from Carmel Games for Mouse City. Enjoy!


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