The Lighting Tower Game

The Lighting Tower

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The Lighting Tower is the most important structure in the city. Without this, the whole city will be so dark. You are in charge of this tower and you must always keep it bright. But awhile ago, the light bulb went out so you came to the tower to fix it. The problem is, it is so dark inside and it's too hard for you to see the way. Because of this, you find it really hard to find the right path. You don't have a flashlight that can help you to see it the way clearly. But the bigger problem is that the door won't open. Now, you got two problems that you need to solve. First, you need to find items that can help you to fix the light. Then second, you have to find the key so you can escape from the tower.

Both are not easy tasks so you have to find clues that can help you to solve these puzzles. The city is too dark at the moment and the people need the light as soon as possible so you have to be quick. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Enagames and use your logic to escape from The Lighting Tower. Best of luck!

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