The Farm House Game

The Farm House

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Old Mcdonald had a farm and now that he is about to retire, he wants you to take over. But first, he wants to test not only your farming skills, but your overall skill. You need to have enough logic to solve all the problems in this farm. So, old Mcdonald decided to lock you into the farmhouse. He wants to know how quick you can escape from the house. You have to do your best to escape as fast as you can because this will be his deciding moment. If you can escape within his given time, you can have his old farmhouse including his farm animals. He left clues inside the house that can help you to solve this puzzle. Not only that, he also left items that you can collect. Those items can help you a lot for your escape plan.

However, you have to use your logic to think of a way on how to use those. Your time starts now. Don't let old Mcdonald down and do your best to escape from the farmhouse. The Farm House is a brand new point n' click room escape game by Enagames that will test your logic and escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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