Tech Plaza Game

Tech Plaza

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You're a techie person. Gadgets and anything related to technology attracts you. It's like you simply connect with them. You don't even have to study how to manipulate gadgets. Every time you see a gadget, your hands just find its way towards the controls. It's not that you know what'll happen when you push certain buttons. But it's more of not being afraid of finding out the functions of each. Because of this, your superior usually asks for your help when it comes to manipulating technologies. You don't decline of course, but it could sometimes take some trial and error. The people around you don't seem to mind though. It's better that you're manipulating it than them not doing anything at all. But aside from tinkering with technology, you're also tinkering with bombs. Many bombs have passed through your hands. The most recent one is inside the tech plaza.

This tech plaza is like your haven when you want to take a break from stress. And you can't let this place blow up into pieces. So you carefully look around the bomb to figure out how to diffuse it. However, it is more complicated than you thought. Play Tech Plaza outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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