Take Care of Amy Game

Take Care of Amy

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"Take care of Amy!". These were the last words on the letter Dorina Markot left before she disappeared for good. Amy is her little sister. The two girls really had it rough during their childhood. The father died in the terrible battle of Sagi. The mother got sick not long after that and passed away. You met the sisters first in this village. It was two years ago. They were working in the mill. You felt sorry for them and had them stay in your guest house. In return they helped around the house. The little Amy was always cheerful, but the old sister looked really stressed and sad. She was really broken. You tried everything to help their life into a happier future, but you didn't reach your goal in time. This morning, you found a letter on your table. Dorina left. She couldn't bear her sadness. Amy disappeared too. She probably already read the letter and ran away. You have to find her. She can't be far, yet.


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