Swampy Forest Escape Game

Swampy Forest Escape

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Welcome, Professor. It's an honor to have you here in our country. We will give you everything you need for you research in the jungle. It's a really noble mission to explore the forest and it's various berries, mushrooms, code stones and objects. This will be a great step forward in improving our medicines and the maps of the country. We don't even know how to thank you. However, please understand one thing. It's amazing what kind of puzzles the jungle has in store for us. I'm sure you will face them successfully.

Since you're already here, we might as well give you a heads up on what to expect in this part of the world. Because of our climate, the woods are teeming with wildlife and certain creatures you won't expect. As you may already know, mutated creatures are also about so it's best you be careful. When you have everything you need, activate the 2 portals to escape. Good luck!


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