Surreal Forest Escape Game

Surreal Forest Escape

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It’s Photography time! As a Wild Photographer, you need to capture a good scene at the forest for your soon to be released magazine. You packed your things and check everything in your car. You planned this event since last week. When you got to the forest you saw a beautiful butterfly. It covers with a gold silver dust! To your amazement you went and follow it, thinking it might be the best masterpiece you can create. Finally you saw it sitting in a beautiful petals of an unknown flower. You get your camera and took a picture, it saw your flash and fly far away but at least you took a very beautiful pictures. But when you face your back and started walking going back to your car, you can’t identify which way going back. What to do now? In this game created by Wow Escape you need to find your way back to your car, drive home and publish your masterpiece! Have fun!

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