Sumter Forest Escape Game

Sumter Forest Escape

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Caves. You really enjoy caves. And you love them more if they are still alive and sparkling. You have been to a lot of caves. You wish for their preservation for future generations to enjoy their beauty. Sometimes you don't want people to continue exploring the caves since they easily die with such a single touch. You are caught between the two but what you really want is to explore more caves. One day, you explored the newly discovered cave of an island. A lot of scary stories where brought up because people haven't explored it yet. But you want to change their perspective. So you went inside.

Upon entering the cave, a strong wind greeted you. You closed your eyes and found protection from the wind. So you turned into a corner and hid. When you opened your eyes, you instantly looked for your colleagues. You searched around the area but there is no trace of them. So you just moved forward. When you stepped out of the cave, a new world welcomed you. You have entered the Sumter Forest. Just seeing the place makes you realize of the need to go back to the real world - fast!


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