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Sultan Escape

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The Sultan is the leader of the Muslim community. The people depend on him so much and that's why he should always be safe and in a good position. However, the guards let their Sultan down and fell asleep. There are many threats to the sultan because of his power and lots of people want to be the sultan. Because of this, some kidnappers entered the palace last night and kidnapped the sultan. The guards have no idea about what happened but you traced that he is on an unknown island. You went there to save and fetch the sultan but he is inside a cell. The worse is, there are puzzles that you need to solve before the cell opens.

The good thing is, there are clues around the island that can help you to solve the puzzles. However, you have to be quick and help the sultan as fast as you can because the people don't know that he is in trouble. If they find out about this, their world will surely fall apart and protests will arise. Play Sultan Escape outdoor escape game from Ajaz Games and use your logic to unlock the cell. Good luck and have fun!

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