Subterrain Escape Game

Subterrain Escape

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It was never a part of your bucket list to visit South America. You just wanted to explore more of the Asian and European sides of the globe. But it was like fate was playing a joke on you when you won a trip to South America. You didn't know how to react. You wished to give it to someone but as most prizes were, this was not convertible. So you just held the ticket until you reached home. You sat at the sofa without really focusing on anything. Your mind was busy looking for reasons to be happy about this. Then you decided to research about the place first. Maybe there were amazing reasons to visit. So you opened your laptop and started searching away. The pictures showed breathtaking views and the food weren't looking bad as well. Slowly your mind changed about the trip.

The following week, you were already awake at 3am getting ready for your departure. You couldn't keep your mind away from the views you've seen. Then you arrived and it was quite close to the ones in the pictures. You were thinking maybe you were just on a different part of the land. Still you enjoyed the many scenes until you fell into a whole and found yourself in a cave. Play Subterrain Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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