Submarine Alien Mystery Game

Submarine Alien Mystery

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You've been granted a one month Reef Conservation Scuba Award from one of the most prestigious organizations that help protect the marine ecosystem. You prepared the necessary requirements to complete your registration for the scholarship grant.

On the first week of the program you will be trained by an expert diver. On the fourth dive day, you and your dive instructor got caught in a whirlpool. You were sucked by the strong pull until you hit something and passed out.

An unidentified vessel picked you up along its path; as it turns out it was a MedBay submarine.

You gained consciousness  a few hours later, unaware of where you were at first but when you scanned the vessel you were surprised to find out that the technology from this vessel is 10 times advanced than the current technological advances in humankind. What mysteries lie inside this mysterious vessel and how did it manage to pick you up?



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