Street Dog Escape Game

Street Dog Escape

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You really have the heart for the dogs. You feel sorry for all the dogs on the streets. So whenever you see one, you always stop to feed them. This is the least you can do because you can't adopt them all. One day, you were walking along the street when you heard a bark. Due to familiarity, you know that the dog is a street dog. So, you followed the sound but what you saw is not a hungry dog. What you saw is a dog that needs your help. This street dog has a tag which means that he has an owner. This is really good to know but what's not good is the fact that this dog is lost in the street. He must miss his owner so much so you have to help him to find his way home.

There are also dog catchers in this town that this dog needs to escape from. You have to stay by his side and look for clues that can help both of you to find his way home. Street Dog Escape is the newest room escape game by Avm Games that will test your logic. Good luck and have fun!

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