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Street 3
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Hooray! Your cupcake business is going well. In fact, someone ordered 100 pieces of your cupcakes. You need to deliver the cupcakes before lunch time so you got up early to bake and to trace the delivery address. 365 Avenue, Street 3 is the address. You have a tracker but while you are on the way, your tracker broke. There's nothing you can do but to use the physical map and the compass. However, this is your first time to track a place manually. There are so many streets in the town and all of them look alike so you find it really hard to look for the place. After a while, you finally saw the "Street 3" sign. Yes, you are on Street 3 but you are on 364 Avenue which means that you are at the wrong place.

And looks like luck is not on your side when your map was blown by the wind. There are also no people around so you can't ask for directions. You have to use your logic to escape from Street 3. Escape from this place before the cupcake spoils. Play Street 3 outdoor escape game by 365 Escape and find clues and items that can help you to get out of here. Good luck!


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