Stone Village Escape Game

Stone Village Escape

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Stone Village Escape is escaping game from Games2Rule. Imagine you are an addicted antique item collector and you can't persist to any temptation which can be linked to scrutinizing an old vase or painting. One day you were reading your newspaper when you glanced an article which was about an event. On the next weekend every museum was going to be opened all night long and the visitors were going to be visit them totally for free. Your interest became aroused and the next week you could barely wait for the weekend. On saturday night finally you set out to explore a nearby castle which functioned as a museum but a long time ago it was the castle of a baron. You entered just after the gates became opened. You were examining some extraordinary old book which exhibited the architecture of the past when you realized you were alone, even the security guard had left too. You wanted to check what was behind this but found the entrance locked. Search for around different objects in the castle to get out. Good luck and have fun!



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