Spooky Island Survival Escape Day 2 Game

Spooky Island Survival Escape Day 2

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Imagine in this game you are a crazy scientist who have been working on a serum which consumed could transform the human body into an invisible creature. One day you experimented with the liquid but it turned out soon that an important ingredient missed from it yet because the serum didn't make your head disappeared just the remaining parts of your body. When it finally turned out to be impeccable you decided to test it in the nearby park with a castle in its area. It was supposedly the habitat of some dreadful creature so you wanted to stay hided well. Halfway to the other end of the place where the entrance situated suddenly the creatures started to shout and locked every possible exit point. Probably the serum didn't hide you perfectly and they noticed you. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape somehow. Good luck!


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