Spinach Farm Escape Game

Spinach Farm Escape

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The Wharton Spinach Fields is popular for producing the best spinach you'll ever see and taste. This is because the head of the family, Dunston Wharton, is a good and hardworking man. He's passing all of his qualities to his children who are also working hard to make the farm prosper. Jasper, however, wants to become more than a farmer. He dreams of making it big in the city which is why he studies hard and is doing well in school.

It's not like he hates the farm. It's his home but he has another dream. His father understood this and gave him a condition. He'll let Jasper attend college in the city if he's willing to run the farm in a month and make more profit. Dunston figures that if Jasper can make a farm keep afloat, he can do more things in the city. Jasper finally agreed. The farm is the means to an end and he'll make it thrive even more!

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