Spaceship Escape Episode 1 Game

Spaceship Escape Episode 1

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You will be exploring the space. You'll be seeing the Earth from a distance. But being a part of this team required a lot of training. It likewise made you experience a lot of hardships. Yet you kept in your mind your goal of seeing Earth from outer space. So while waiting, you checked the things you'd be bringing. You had to be very careful with your things. They should all be outer space friendly or else they could get into the small spaces and cause malfunction and troubles. You also checked the inside of the spaceship. You were instructed to familiarize the spaceship. This was so you could easily point the problem. But you were having a slight problem remembering the sequence of buttons.

So you once more walked around the spaceship. You had two models so you can practice the controls without doing any damage to the actual ship. You took this opportunity to test your skills and memory. Everything was doing well especially since no one was looking at your work. But you heard footsteps coming and you got nervous. You pushed random buttons until you heard the door shut tight. Play Spaceship Escape Episode 1 room escape game by Mouse City.


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