Souls House Escape Game

Souls House Escape

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Souls House Escape is just another Enagames online point 'n click escape game where you need to get out from a souls house! Imagine a mysterious crime happened in your town the last week and the inhabitants started to spread the rumour that an alien kidnapped the old woman. Supposedly the creature could become invisible for minutes that was why nobody could notice the being escaping from the old woman house. Your friends decided to start and investigation about this extraordinary happening and set out to discover an old abandoned castle in the suburb of the city which was probably the den of this creature. You joined to their team and the next day you were already in the mansion, searching for clues. You were seeking for traces for hours when suddenly you heared the entrance door thud. You run up to check it and found it locked. In the meantime frightening sounds came from the house. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out soon. Have fun!



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