Snowman Secrets Game

Snowman Secrets

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You can barely move because of the cold. It seems like everything that is away from your heat instantly becomes ice cold. It's winter, one of your favorite seasons. Everything's glistening because of the white snow covering. However, this is also one of the harshest. The first gentle fall of the snow is like a wonderful fairy tale. The remaining storms are like nightmares. And you're now stuck in one. What's even worse is that you can't find your way home anymore. When you first arrived at this place, the snow isn't as thick. But as hours go by, it's become denser and thicker. This made you lose your sense of direction. You try contacting other people around the area. But they have all left already. However, you're somewhere far from the base that the information didn't reach you.

Then in the distance, you can see a lonely snowman. But this snowman needs some work. He has missing accessories which doesn't make him a jolly snowman at all. So you come closer to him and as you do, you see some things in the distance. You then make your mission to complete the snowman and find your way home. Play Snowman Secrets outdoor escape game by Mirchigames and uncover his secrets.


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