Sniffmouse Real World Escape 51 - Psychotherapist Game

Sniffmouse Real World Escape 51 - Psychotherapist

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Imagine in this game you are an employee of a jujube factory. Every end of the months the company support their workers with a dozens of its products in order to test it with them. The workers could fill a document about the taste and the consistency of the candies in order to help the company amend the possible flaws. As a downside your teeth started to wear through fast and you had to visit a dentist soon. When you arrived to the clinic the doctor was busy at the moment. A kind secretary guided you into a room to wait him there. You read out a whole magazine but the doctor didn't appear. Turning down the latch of the door to check what was going on you realized it was locked. Search for different objects in the clinic and fit them together to escape. Good luck!


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