Sniffmouse Real World Escape 44 Eyes Problem Game

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Sniffmouse Real World Escape 44 Eyes Problem is point and click escape the room game by Demolacion. Assume one day you decided to move to your friend's house and spent a couple of month living together like two bachelor. At first everything went fine, you played video games and watched football matches all day and night long. After a month an annoying factor started to excruciate your life. A small mouse started to inhabit a hollow amongst two walls and he disturbed your dreams frequently by making sounds. One day you put the keys of the house onto the table but hours later you couldn't find it anywhere. You suddenly glanced the mouse as he was munching the key. When you hurried in his direction to catch him, he fled away. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find the mouse along with the key. Good luck!



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