Sneakys World Tour Ireland Game

Sneakys World Tour Ireland

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Sneakys is the biggest boy band in the world today and you are a proud member of it. Since you are the drummer, you have all the time in the world. Other members of the band are busy tuning their instruments while you are just chilling alongside. This is why you decided to go on a tour around Ireland. Ireland is the last stop for your world tour so you took advantage to have a little trip by yourself. You have 1-hour spare time so you went to the Killarney National Park. It was a smooth trail until you car broke. You are in the middle of the road with no one around. You called your manager but there's no signal in the place. In other words, cell phones are useless.

You have to go back to the concert hall before the concert starts. You are on your own. Collect items that you can use to escape from this place. Find clues that can lead you back to the concert place to fulfill your World Tour. The fans will be disappointed if you won't make it. Sneakys World Tour Ireland is an outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Melting Mindz. Have fun!

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