Sneaky Search Easter Bunnies Game

Sneaky Search Easter Bunnies

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Sneaky's sneaking somewhere so he can find the Easter bunnies. He's such a fan of them. In their annual gathering, he would usually come up to them. However, the managers of the bunnies are quick enough to round them all to leave the event. And every year, Sneaky is always a little disappointed. He has their merchandises and he has no plans of stopping. He wishes to build a room for all his collections and one day invite the bunnies to it. Today is Easter and Sneaky's very sure that the bunnies are hopping around somewhere. So he empties his schedule for today in the hopes of finding even just one. However, he may need more than luck to find them. These bunnies are cute and have pastel colors that they easily blend with the flowers. But Sneaky's determination is so strong.

For many years of looking forward to meeting them, he made some lists on how to easily spot them. And he is trying the tips he made today. He can hear some rustling sounds here and there. So he silently move through the grass to see them. However, he needs your help to succeed. Play Sneaky Search Easter Bunnies outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant.

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