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Snappy Escape

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A silky smooth snap is your favorite gesture. This just makes you so hip and you want to make sure that every move you make is also snappy. This is particular even if you are in hard times. Today, a circumstance will test your snappiness. The door in your house won't open. Although this may be the situation, you still have to remain snappy at all times. This is how you can prove that you are cool all the way. So, you don't have to be grumpy. Instead, you must patiently look for objects which can help you to open the door. However, there are more tests that will test your cool. There are puzzles along the way that you have to solve. With this, you have to gather clues that can help you to solve all of those easier.

However, being snappy will bring you nowhere if you don't use your logic. Therefore, you have to think very hard so you can escape from the room. Snappy Escape is a brand new room escape game by WoW Escape. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and try to escape as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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