Skull Fort Game

Skull Fort

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If you think you've already seen the scariest places, well now you're changing your mind. You're very thankful that you're able to get through the previous stage. If it were just you, you wouldn't want to meet any adventures of this sort. However, it seems like you're made to experience it. You tried a couple of times to avoid it, but you still end up being in the right place at the right time. It's becoming quite frustrating that you just laugh about it. You can't do much about it anyway. And it's not like you have such a wide option for a living. You've been hiding for the last decade and being with the dark shouldn't be much of a deal. Only if you don't have to face the creatures of the dark. It's a good thing your journey has a direction with the maps you're searching.

But acquiring these maps need a lot of work. You have to go around the place for a lot of times until you spot the things you need. It's such a challenge at first, but now it's like a game. Play Skull Fort room escape game by Enagames and acquire the things you need to continue your journey.


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