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Next location: Skerry. You wonder about the name. Does it mean scary? Is it just a play on the word? You think about this as you are packing your things. This mission requires you to pack as you'll be going on an island. This is a private island owned by an entrepreneur. He has many collections. You're not sure if he has the stone gravity as a collection. Good if he doesn't. But it's bad news if he does. You'll not only deal with the security on the island, but you'll also deal with the owner himself. You know how people with collections are. They can't easily give away one of their properties especially if they collect them. However, to verify if he has the gravity stone, you need to look deeper into his property. Your superior already gave you the map for you to navigate.

However, they may have forgotten to give you the exact location of what you're looking for. So you still have to explore the place and hopefully bump into the stones. You need to extra careful though. Once found out, you'll disappear right on this very island. Play Skerry outdoor escape game by Enagames and fulfill mission.

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