Sightglass Cuppa Restaurant Escape Game

Sightglass Cuppa Restaurant Escape

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You are a freshmen at your school. School bell rings indicating its break time but you didn’t eat because you are currently finishing an assignment. It’s 5 in the afternoon and it’s time to go home. On your way outside, you realized you didn’t eat yet. Rushing towards the restaurant near your school, you are too hungry and ordered almost everything, It’s a very happy day until your stomach aches, You run to the comfort room and stay there until you’re done. Little did you know the restaurant is already closed and no one noticed you inside the restaurant. One thing you know at this time “YOU ARE TRAPPED” All the doors were closed and locked. In this game made and sponsored by KNF you need to have a good strategies find anything you can used and go home early without worrying your parents. Best of luck!


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