Shokora Shut in on the Tower Game

Shokora Shut in on the Tower
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Shokora Shut in on the Tower is Japanese escaping game from Choko Chai. Imagine you are a crazy scientist who had been believing that the air close to the ground had been poisoned by the government in order to exterminate an assigned part of the population because the world couldn't keep soo much people longer. So one day you decided to build an own fortress which was high above the ground. Every day you provided a couple of minutes for your cat to run around on the ground level ith a mask around hes face. Accidentally one day you left to work without taking him down to make his daily running. The cat could cope with the temptation of it so wanted to get down at all cost. Find hidden objects and fit them together to help the cat to the ground. Good luck and have fun!



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