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Ship Captain

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As the captain, you have to know everything about the ship. But since you are new to this ship, you're still testing the waters. Unfortunately, an undesirable event happened. To know everything about the ship is not your only job, you have also have to make sure that everybody in your ship is safe. The ship got out of control so you have to make an emergency escape. Because of the collision, the ship does its automatic lock down. The ship was misleaded by the collision and registered it as a terrorist attack. Everything is all wrong. The ship might sink in just a few moments so you have to make a great escape plan. You must not panic so you can think clearly. You may use the items inside of your ship to be successful. The safety of this ship is in your hands.

Use everything that you know and find clues to make this escape easier. Logic is the key for you to make this escape plan work. Everyone in this ship counts on you, captain. Play this brand new outdoor escape game by Enagames and prove that you are a great Ship Captain. Good luck and have fun!

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