Sherlock Has A Clue Game

Sherlock Has A Clue
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You go by the name Sherlock. Your parents are huge detective stories fan that they named your older twin brothers Joe and Frank. You had no idea of the story behind your names until you found a stash of books in your attic. It's all about detective stories and you came to love them. You liked them so much that you learned to be a detective yourself. Your first detective case was locating the missing pencil. You remembered a lot from you read and you tried applying them. Sometimes, you need more than the tips you got from books. So you go out of the box just to solve the mystery. You were very successful that it boosted your eagerness to make it a lifetime career. Your parents were never against your dreams but they still worry about you. So you do your best to stay safe.

Now that your older, the cases you handle becomes more and more complicated. Sometimes you even get threats. But for you, it's all part of the fun. Now your case is all about a murder. You are to find clues for the location, weapon, and murderer. It's not child's play anymore so step up your game. Play Sherlock Has A Clue room escape game by Mouse City.


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