Scutelleridae Bug Escape Game

Scutelleridae Bug Escape

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Your client sent you many options for your mission the weekend. You usually choose the one that's near your home so you won't have to travel for long hours. It was good for both ends. He didn't have pay big for your fare and you can go home after the mission. However, you also wished to have a different adventure. You wished to travel and see the changing scenery while expecting your location. So you went back to the list. The places all seemed familiar but there was one name that you couldn't even pronounce. And the thought of being in a place you couldn't even name was very exciting for you. You sent your choice to the client and the direction was sent back to you. You carefully followed each and found yourself in a forest. The beauty of the forest captivated you.

But your vision caught something else. You saw a scutelleridae bug trapped. It was such a rare specie which was why the place was named after it. Not many people reached the area because they found it hard to name it. But as the bug was getting more and more popular, the place likewise got more and more visitor. And these visitors couldn't leave the creatures alone. Now it's your mission to free the bug. Play Scutelleridae Bug Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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