Scary House - Episode 1 Game

Scary House - Episode 1
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Scary House - Episode 1 is Japanese escape game from Rukomo_Escape. Imagine in this game you are a student who had been hearing rumours that one of your teacher was an addicted murderer and was keeping the heads of his victims in his livingroom. One day you were having boring time druing a maths class and you decided to visit his home in order to reveal if the rumour was true. When the class was over you immediately started to run toward his house to arrive and make your investigation before he finished his works in the school. Sneaking into his house you realized why the gossips were induced. It was a really scary house with its dark colours. You were fumbling inside when suddenly you heared the door open. You started to ruan out but couldn't find an other way out. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out without he notice you. Good luck!



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