Scary Building Escape Game

Scary Building Escape

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You're running away from something. It's chasing you. And its getting nearer. It's now just a breath away from you. Then you wake up from that terrible dream. You're having this dream every night. This strange dream occurs because of a creature that you met on the woods. Ever since, you always visit the woods hoping you'll bump into him again. Unfortunately, it seems like the creature already left without saying goodbye. You want to find him again and ask him to take the dreams away. You don't like sleeping every night knowing that you'll have a nightmare. But no matter how many times you look, he just doesn't appear. Then you get tired from running away. So tonight, when you sleep, you're going to face the thing that's chasing you. You're thinking of this when rain starts pouring. You happen to stop by at a building.

This building doesn't look very inviting at all. But it's all you can find for now as the rain keeps on pouring harder. You move deeper into the building when at the corner of your eyes, you see the thing that's chasing you. Instantly, you run towards it. But instead of finding it, you get lost inside this scary building. Play Scary Building Escape room escape game by First Escape Games.

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