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Save The Ladybird

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It's weird that they call the ladybug a ladybird. It doesn't even look like a bird though. Anyway, that's what makes them cool and like the free birds, the ladybird should also be free. But how can she be free if she can't even fly away from the tree? There are lots of dudes who want to take her and all she wants is to be free. These dudes set up a trap for her so they can easily take the lady away and this is not a sign of being a gentleman. You have to Save The Ladybird from these bugs. However, you must be very careful and quick if you don't want these bugs to bug you. There are clues around the garden that can help you to save the ladybird and you have to find those clues.

But that's not it. There are also puzzles that you need to solve. So you have to use your logic to complete this outdoor escape game. Play Save The Ladybird and collect items that you can see around the garden that could be useful for this escape. This brand new point and click escape game is made by WoW Escape. Have fun!

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