Save The Caterpillar Game

Save The Caterpillar

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The best thing about caterpillars is the fact that they are still not at their best. Which means the best is yet to come for them. They are cute but they will eventually turn into a beautiful butterfly. However, they need a place for the process. You found a tree that can help the caterpillar for its metamorphosis. But when you are about to fetch the caterpillar, it is not in the place where you left it. Looks like a child caught it and dumped it in the forest. Yes, caterpillars should be in the forest but not now. It has a business to do and he can't do it in the wild. Some predators might eat him while on the metamorphosis. You have to Save The Caterpillar and help him to get to the special tree.

He needs to change very soon so you have to be quick. There are clues that can help you to locate the caterpillar. Do your best to help the caterpillar escape from the forest. Save The Caterpillar is the newest outdoor escape by WoW Escape that you will surely enjoy. Use your logic to complete this puzzle and expect the greatest change. Good luck and have fun!

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