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Save Kidnapped Girl

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This is it! Your last and final test to being a body guard. You've come a long way but you are finally here. You managed to pass the test about logic and other theoretical examinations. But now is the time to show the what you've learned practically. As a body guard, you must be alert and attentive to every situation. You must never leave your client and don't allow anything bad to happen to them. But you are not always at your best because you are only human. However, you must know how to redeem the situation. If ever your client was kidnapped, what will you do? This is the test that you need to pass before you can call yourself a legitimate body guard. This exam is composed of puzzles that you need to solve to test your thinking ability.

You must find a way to save the kidnapped girl in the fastest time possible. You must look for clues and be resourceful to anything that you will find to make the rescue successful. The time starts now, can you pass the test? Play Save Kidnapped Girl room escape game by WoW Escape to find out. Best of luck!

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  1. Date: May 15, 2017
    Author: Marijke
    At the end of the game it doesnot work anymore.

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