Save the Girl from Deadly Tribes Game

Save the Girl from Deadly Tribes

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You enter this forest in search of your trinket. Yesterday, you came here as well but ended up running away from some strange noises. It seemed like the noises were coming from a tribal ceremony. You haven't seen one but you've seen a lot in movies. This forest is an unexplored one. Mainly because there are various obstacles that need overcoming without affecting the natural state of the forest. So you only explore the parts that are near the edge. But not everyone is aware of these facts. You see this girl wandering in the forest as well. You try to call her attention but she just keeps on walking deeper. Even if you don't know her, you still don't want her to be in trouble. So you run towards her. You grab her arm and warns her of the possible dangers if she continues walking.

However, the girl must be very angry that she simply ignores you. You wish to let her be in deep trouble but you know people will ask you about her if she does not return. So you follow her as well hoping to change her mind. But when you catch up with her, she's already a captive of the deadly tribes. Play Save the Girl from Deadly Tribes outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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