Save Deer - Escape Game

Save Deer - Escape

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Save Deer - Escape is a point and click game from The Escape Games. Imagine one day in your office you didn't really want to work so you opened up your magazine and started to search for interesting articles. You glanced one which was about the life in the remote safari. You realized you couldn't remember the last time you were abroad so you decided to visit this spectacular area. The next week you were on the plane there. When you arrived a guide was waiting for you at the airport in order to guide you around before you heading to your hotel. He advised one part of the park which was particularly famous in this period of the year. The migration of the deers was crossed by the territory of the lions and the hunting was frequent. As you arrived you could see a deer became captured by a gorge. Probably he leaped through the precipice to flee away from the lion but he couldn't get back because the lion settled down to wait until the hunger lure out the innocent deer. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help the escaping of the deer. Good luck!



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