Saturday Hangover Escape Game

Saturday Hangover Escape

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After a long six-day work week you and your up to no good friends planned a booze binge to take away the stress from the past days. The night started off with carbo-loaded food, some steak and grilled meat. Michael, one of your closest friends, suggested a card drinking game wherein one drinks if one makes a wrong guess what cards the other persons are holding. The night went on just fine, laughter and jest all around. It was 5 hours after when you discovered that the drinks served by one of your friends were spiked thus making it more stronger than the usual. Knowing the easy-to-get-tipsy kind of person you are, you tried your best to control your alcohol intake...but to no avail.

You woke up the next day and you see your friends talking and joking around, planning on washing up last night's alcohol with MORE alcohol.
Realizing this was a trap to more intoxication, you tiptoed towards the rest room. Now you must look for another way to get out of the house, avoiding your friends.

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