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Santa Claus
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After defeating the darkness, Santa Claus must now distribute his gifts. However the shadows, the remains of the darkness, got hold of him. He is trapped somewhere. And his task of delivering gifts for the Christmas is at stake. He feels so sorry about not being able to much about it. Santa needs more than just himself to escape the clutches of the shadows. And that's when you enter the picture. Most people and even elves didn't know about this. But you are one of Santa's main person. He usually asks you to cover for him especially when he's doing his special missions. You know a lot of Santa's doings which he chose to just keep within his circle of friends. You understand him so much that sometimes he doesn't need to speak. You'll just do what's on his mind at the right time and place.

Now that he's in a tight spot once more. And your help is badly needed. He's somewhere. However, his tracking device is not with him. You're able to take care of the troubles he'll be having on the way during his delivery because of a tracking device. But since he isn't wearing any, it'll definitely be a challenge. You must set on foot to tell where he is. Santa Claus is an outdoor escape game by 5n Games.

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