Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 003 [Matriarch] Game

Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 003 [Matriarch]
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Assume in this game you are a detective who have been investigating about a tax evasion committed by a famous company. It started to be conspicuous to the people that the firm started to invest more and more money to its operation and the employees started to earn more in the meantime. You decided to revise the documents of the company thoroughly so you called the owner of it to assign a proper time for both of you for a meeting. When you arrived to the office of the boss a kind secretary asked you to wait there for a couple of minutes because he was engaged at that moment. You sat down in his office and started to read a magazine. An hour later you glanced at your watch and realized nobody came back for you. Turning down the latch of the door you found it locked too. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make your way out. Have fun!


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