Run Chase 2 Game

Run Chase 2

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"He escaped?!" you heard your superior say at the top of his lungs. He can't believe a thief had escaped from your hands. You tried to explain your side but you know it'll only sound as an excuse you kept quiet. "Catch that thief before he spreads crime once more!" You walked out of the office feeling challenged. You believe that this circumstance is a great opportunity to show your love for work and people. As you are walking along the road, you saw in the reflection of the glass that someone is following you. You thought of shaking him off but you saw his face and recognized him. He is the thief that got away. You wondered why he would show his face.

Instead of falling for his antics, you led him to a quiet street. But he suddenly took off and went inside a building. You instantly rushed after him. But he blended in the sea of crowd. You walked up to the building where you saw him enter and started your investigation. The receptionist couldn't tell you much but you know there is more to this place than what is revealed.


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