Royal Residence Escape 2 Game

Royal Residence Escape 2

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Royal Residence Escape 2 is the second part of the game in which you went one day to see a house which belonged to a king. It's a house which is abandoned for many years, but it still looks the same as when the king lived in there. So you were curious to see how a royal person lives and went inside. But your friend wanted to scare you and locked you inside. It's a big house with many rooms, so there for sure must a key which will open the main door. Now all you have to do is to explore the house, to solve all the puzzles you will find and follow the clues to the exit. Good luck and have fun!



  1. Date: August 29, 2015
    Author: glisounik
    i cant open the sofa with knife. it doesnt work

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