Room Escape - 7: The Lost Key Game

Room Escape - 7: The Lost Key
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This is the seventh room. How many rooms do you need to pass through to end all these stress. The first few rooms were fun. It has all the challenges that you want for a little thrill in your life. However, after a few rooms, you want to get out as it is getting tiring already. Then again, it's like as you have expected. Once you get in, you'll have to finish the rest to get out. You've prepared for it actually. Then again, you weren't able to prepare for the emotional aspects of this adventure. It's getting quite frustrating to keep on succeeding yet at the same time find yourself in another room where you need to escape. But this is all you can do. Getting mad about the seemingly endless journey will not do you good. Instead, it'll just keep you trapped in a place you hate.

So you close your eyes and breathe deep. You need to refocus your attention to escaping by going through all the puzzles that you'll encounter. You have to set your mind on your goal and that is the end of this room escape. Play Room Escape - 7: The Lost Key room escape game by Nsr Games.

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