Robinson Crusoe Game

Robinson Crusoe

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Robinson Crusoe is a brand new survival-escape game by Demolacion for SniffMouse. Imagine in this game you are a famous sailor-man who had been sailing around the world for years. One day the king of your country asked you to go and explore the world beyond a group of islands which was the boundary of the known world that time. You took on the task and were ready to the journey which could revolutionize the maps of the world. You were sailing for months with success when one night a heavy storm was approaching toward you. By the time you noticed the lightnings you didn't have any time to avoid it. You run directly into it and the giant waves crashed your ship. You were drifted to a land in your lifeboat which was totally unfamiliar to you. In a short time you became run out of fresh water and there was no lake or river on that island. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help the sailors with fresh water. Good luck!



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