Robinson Crusoe Next Morning Game

Robinson Crusoe Next Morning

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Robinson Crusoe Next Morning is a point and click game from Demolacion for SniffMouse. Imagine in this game you are a famous explorer who had been sailing around the oceans of the Earth for decades. One day the king of your country appeared in front of your house. He explained you that the fortune of your country started to run out and it had to be recovered as soon as possible. He asked you to go and search for new landscapes which were unknown to the humanity yet beyond the vast ocean and capture them by placing the flag of your country on its shore. Along with the territory your country was going to reach the gold supplies and earn lots of money. The next day you set out to fulfil the wish of the king and spent a couple of weeks on the ocean, searching for the new land. One morning after you woke up and went onto the deck suddenly you glanced something glimmering next to the rising sun. It was probably mainland. Approaching it you realized it was not a small island, rather a whole continent. You stepped onto its shore and realized it was abundant of wealth. You placed the flag onto the top of a big hill and wanted to return home fast with this magnificent news when you realized you lost your map. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get home somehow. Good luck!



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