RGB Color Room Escape Game

RGB Color Room Escape

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Red, blue and green are your favorite colors so you paint your room with those colors. You can picture that this will be the greatest room ever and you are half way there. First, you painted the walls red, then you painted the floor green and now, you have to paint the door blue. Your goal to turn this dull room into a colorful room is within reach. Everything is going according to plan until you ran out of blue paint. You have to go out of the room to get some paint in the garage. But you forgot that you removed the door knob to save it from the paint drip. You can't remember where you put it. What you need to do is to find a way on how to escape from the RGB Color Room.

Use your logic and think of a way on how you can open the locked door. You have to hurry up and escape from the room before the paint dries out. Collect the items that you can see in the room and use them as an escape tool. RGB Color Room Escape is the newest room escape game from KNF Games. Have fun!


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