Rescue Jacob From The Secret Room Game

Rescue Jacob From The Secret Room

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This is the coolest house you've ever seen. It's like every turn is a surprise. You can't really predict what you'll experience inside. You also wonder why there are so little knobs or handles on the door. Being here was such a great surprise. The family is part of the board of the military. They held a contest where you have to send the most uplifting message to the military. You sent yours without even reading about the prize. You were surprised when you received an email inviting you to tour the house of the family. They should be all present and welcoming you during your tour. But the parents' schedule changes without notice. And they feel bad about pushing your visit to another date. So they let you explore the house. Anyway, most of the doors open through voices. You won't get through easily.

The children should be the ones showing you around. However, only Lena is around. Jacob, the younger one is nowhere to be found. You ask Lena about him. She said he must be inside their parents' room. The door won't open unless it identifies the voice of their parents. Lena has a CD somewhere but she needs help in finding it to free her brother. Play Rescue Jacob From The Secret Room room escape game by Best Escape Games.

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